Child, Adolescent and Young Adult PSYCHOTHERAPY 

Therapeutic intervention is often an integral part of the treatment process for clients struggling with behavioral, emotional or attentional issues. Dr. Dillon uses her knowledge of child development, neurocognitive functioning and clinical skills to provide clients with an evidence-based Best Practices model to help treat symptoms of ADHD, Depression, Anxiety/OCD, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Common issues addressed in individual therapy include:

  • Anxiety, often related to school performance or social functioning
  • Behavioral problems in the classroom or at home 
  • Sadness, demoralization, or irritability
  • “Stuck thinking” and unwillingness to try new experiences 
  • Building healthy and respectful relationships with parents, siblings and peers
  • Attentional issues and behavioral impulsivity
  • Emotion regulation and awareness
  • Communicating effectively with others
  • Issues relating to independence and personal growth
  • Sustaining meaningful relationships in the family and with others
  • Motivation, effort and goal-setting

Dr. Dillon commonly works in tandem with Dr. Ted Hutman (PSY 25204), who provides parenting support for her individual clients. This unique approach allows for the entire family to feel supported and to engage in the treatment process as a team. For more information about Dr. Hutman’s background and services, please click the following link: